Thoughts on Lucifer Seasons 5b & 6

I'm only covering one and a half seasons because that was what I watched most recently, and it's been a while since I watched the other ones. Spoilers, as usual. I enjoyed them quite a lot. Tom Ellis was great as Lucifer, as usual, and whole becoming God plot was pretty fun as well. I … Continue reading Thoughts on Lucifer Seasons 5b & 6


Thoughts on finishing The Arithmancer

I just finished The Arithmancer (EDIT here: and I thought I should resume the habit of writing some thoughts down after I finish reading something. Spoilers, as usual. I'm including all 3 books in this not-review, The Arithmancer, Lady Archimedes, and Annals of Arithmancy, since they're a series. I thought it was great. Better … Continue reading Thoughts on finishing The Arithmancer